2016. június 20., hétfő

Victorian Ball in Bath, 2016

I was prepared all over a year for this event, I really wanted something Sisi and something Hungarian in the same time, so that's how my choice became Sisi's first Hungarian dress. She received her first Hungarian court dress from her mother-in-law, Archduchess Sophie. Originally it was a pale pink skirt with a black velvet bodice with lace. This gown was one of the wedding gift from Sophie, and Sisi wore it, when she met first time with the Hungarian delegation. Even her mother-in-law admired Sisi, as she mentioned in her diary.

Sisi by an Unknown Artist, 1857

I choose a golden embroidered cranberry silk for the skirt and dark green velvet for the bodice after an Unknow painter's portrait. Originally it was a pale pink skirt, but later on the painter preferred to change it to red, so it seemed that she wore the colours of Hungary. As an emigrant, I liked the idea, I felt closer my home with same colours of our flag, so I decided to make a reproduction from this painting.

My choice of fabrics, I think that was the most costy dress so far I did, but it worth to save all penny
The ready gown
I told the idea of my friends, how about to wear Hungarian court dress on the ball, they agreed so again, we dresses up in similar style. I truly loved Moniee's dress, it reminded me of a famous dress of Countess Majláth, and Nóri was just simply faboulus in her by accidently same colours of mine gown. Moniee did many years ago for a celebration of 1848's Revolutionary Memory Day.
Three Graces, Moniee on the left and Nóri in the middle
The ball was spent in a very familiar atmosphere, Izabela was a great organizer, just like usual, I can truly recommend to come for the next one in 2017, tickets are available already. The theme will be late bustle.

I couldn't take apart in all dance, I struggled with some personal life issues, so I don't have as much of pictures as it would show all the glory of this event, but I really would like to leave a footstep in my blog about this event it truly deserves. I hope you will enjoy this few pics as well. 

Still fun how the modern world meets with a sentimental past :)

Some gossips going on the court! :)

Moniee did a stunning job again!

Countess Majláth's court gown, when I saw Moniee's work, this dress came in my head first.

Despite that I don't smile n this picture, Lucas captured my real mood in general. I like real pictures of real feelings, even if it's not full of joy. We can't smile all the time, and have to accept hard times and learn to live and still enjoy life. That's how I felt in this moment.

2015. november 12., csütörtök

Peek inside my Worth gown

I had to say, I loved to work on this project, it was very different in everything: colour choices, era, and the best part of all: pattern and cutting. Maybe you start to get use for the fact, that all my dress has a little story, there is no exeption with Worth's Oriental tea gown. (... or shall I rename as, "not enough fabric, damn it" dress? :) )

My interpretion of Worth's design more information of the original fashion plate here.

This problem haunted all the time, while I was working. The reason is, because this fabric wasn't mine. Many years ago, a customer left at me with another finished gown, so I hadn't start to use this fabric, until I could manage to reach her. (I took it as my payment for that work) After 3 years, I decided to use it for my own project, it perfectly fitted as a stunning Worth tea gown, what I saw at my friend's Facebook page. Meanwhile, I was buying fabrics for the caftan, but I was sort of money, so I could afford only limited amount of it. A year later, was a massive sale in my favourite shop, and I just bought a lovely mint silk for nothing, and later I realised, it matched perfectly for this dress.

I saw it at Automaton Aliza's site

I think, I never spent so much time with cutting, but was very hard to manage to have every pieces in general, not even to pay attention for such a details like pattern-matching at the seaming line. In the end, I still had to let-in 1 metre exta fabric in the back, and 2 small gussets at both sides.
Back panel, cartridge pleats - I took the inspiration for an another Worth gown to insert a different fabric

Gussets - Above my original 1890's dress solution if you are short of fabric

Construction pictures, details:

Pattern, what I used, and the reference picture

I love this purple fabric. I used every little piece of it, it was a leftover from another project. I used as a lining in the sleeves, collar, and inside hemming

The lace is tea-dyed :)

Also an accurate solution to keep the shape of this era. With these strips you can adjust the back to have the perfect silhouette

Snaps and fasteners - and an antique lace collar :)

Double sleeves - I did a little pad to give a shape for the sleeves, but I still felt them so flat. I decided to use some extra tulle. Accurate or not? I'm not pretty sure, but it definitley works.

Boning, and of course, date and signature :)

More information of the whole project is here.

2015. november 1., vasárnap

My first Halloween!!!

I know it's sounds strange, but since I've moved to England, I couldn't manage to going out.( I had to work all bank holidays and weekends, but I changed my job, and I have more freetime, hooray!) Anett organised a fantastic party, it was the best time to dress up as Santa Muerte. I know, it's quite classic, but that has been my dream costume since I came here.

I'm still struggeling with time management, I really want to finish my Worth dress before I start any other kind of project, so I couldn't design a new dress for this event. I wore my mournig gown of Sisi, and I made a special headpiece.

The reused gown

Little bit more about Santa Muerte:

She is praised in Mexico, but she isn't accepted by the church, because she is an idol, and it's forbidden to whorship. She impersonates of Death, but people can turn for her help healing, and ask for help of safe journey to the other world.

Her colourful, ornated dress symbolises of profane caducity, whislt her skeleton body shows of glossed reality.

In Mexico she is te last sanctity for poor people, and many of her admirers are from kartels and offenders.

If you interested to read more about Santa Muerte, just click here.

My main inspiraton

I have quite simply reason why I choose such a questinable saint as my costume: I like her look. :) Sorry, that is the truth :)

...aaand the costume!

We tried to make some funny pictures, but actually it become quite scary :D

I choose you :D

We can't skip some selfie with Moniee :D Even Death is blind without glasses :D I enjoyed so much Anett's party, thank you to invite us < 3

2015. augusztus 24., hétfő

Puffy sleeves - How to make them?

After a hard decision, I kept the bigger sleeves, anyway, thank you for the help, I was so lost in that question :)
I still needed some support to make them extra puffy.

Original sleeves supporter from 1890, it wouldn't fit for this dress, because it has a normal undersleeve.

I didn't need such a massive thing, like a whole cat or a crinoline inside, so I made this little buddies to help me. I saw it on my original 1890 gown, and I would like to share this easy, little and accurate trick with you as well.

All you need is some strong fabric, I used leftover upholstery canvas and purple lining to cover them.

First, you have to cut two half circle. (My mesaurements for them cc. 12 cm long and 6 cm high)

Here are my two supporters

After, just sew them together, and hide its under the gathers. That's it :)

I sew between the two sleeves

I tried to make a picture of the current look of dress

I told, no cats in my dress, but who can say no to her? :)

2015. augusztus 18., kedd

10 problem, what ALL costumer know

1. You don't fit anywhere.

I fits I sits
Car is even worst. Forget it.
(I love this video from American Duchess )

2. Try to reach anything what is not close to you. Everything feels 1000 kilometers far away.

...and if you have true friends, they gonna make pictures rather to help to you :D

3. You are feeling too hot or cold. Never ever felt the perfect temperature.
It was 35 degrees.


4. You don't have space in your wardrobe because of your Historical gowns.
You still have NOTHING to wear neither to festivals, neither to anywhere at all.

5. Find the perfect fabric what you like, authentic and not from polyester. Costs of your monthly salary. Three times.

6. You know how hard to choose between to look faboulusly laced body and food. You can never win this battle. 

Oh FOOD you are so beautiful

7. Work one and half years on a dress, trash it within one and half hours. But, still worth it.

All of us knows, trains are useless, but, what can I do, they look so fab.

8. You don't go out. You don't do alcohol and drugs. No one understands, why you don't have money after second day of payday.

Give me ALL

9. You have a room for those fabrics, what you goint to use soon...and you still can't stop yourself of buying more. 

10. Try to explain the difference of Historical costuming and fancy dresses. Finally you give up, and let these pople believe that you do kinda Disney Princess cosplay. :D

So, what did you say?