2013. február 21., csütörtök

Dreaming above the blue Danube

These pictures made in last year, I wore my black Sisi dress.

5 megjegyzés:

  1. Your clothes are perfect!!! A dream, my dream!

    You're an actress?

    Hug! Following you. (:

  2. Thank you to following me :)

    I'm not actress, just love these dresses :) Now, I can make new ones because I was move to an another country, but if I can buy a sewing machine, I'll work again :)

  3. But you use them at some special event? Is there any special event to wear these dresses?
    Congratulations, you sew very well! And thank you for follow me :)

  4. In Budapest I have some friends, who also love these dresses, and we just wear them for fun :)

  5. Wonderful ... I would like to visit Budapest at the moment! I live in Brasil, but I also love these dresses, and Sisi is my favorite monarch!