2015. január 13., kedd

Are you obsessed? Test and provement included!

Edwardian freedom! No make-up! :)
A cikk magyarul elérhető itt! :)

How you know, that you are obsessed with Historical stuffs?


1. Do you hide more antique things (laces, fabrics, fans, jewelry etc. ) in your house?

2. Does your wardrobe looks like a storage of BBC History?

3. Do you have more costumes than casual clothes?

Any question answered with YES, you are definitley obsessed with your hobbi, but, how about dreaming of costumes?
I had 5 dreams with dresses  until today. My desease must be advanced period now :D

Usually I barely remember of the details, or anything of the gown, so now I sleep with notebook and pen side of my bed, to draw everything, so I can recall the dream later.
If you have the same problem, this is really good way, it works quite great!

4th Dream:

I was in an old house's attic, try to dust those old furnitures. I found a mirror, I started to clean, and in front of it, I saw a large box. I opened it, and I found a really beautiful dress inside. I started to dress up, and the area was changing. The attic become a room, much cleaner and lighter, and a Lady beyond me, was helping to finish my look. She put on my shoulders the stash. I saw her in the mirror, and she was wearing the same dress like me, we smiled each other, and I woke up.

Quick sketch to remember...

....and the ready dress!!! I tried to make a full picture, but, it's not so easy alone! So this is the full dress, with hat and stash.

I still remembered of the thistle decoration, what I found really interesting, but, that's it, I forget about the whole story until in the last March, I visited backhome.
I had a strong feeling, that, now I have a little money to spend, I have to go to that hat shop near to Jászai Square, and I found an amazing hat, so I took it.(The last time when I was in this shop, was almost 10 years old, as a teenager, and I promised to myself, when I had money, I had to come back)
After a succesful hunting, me and my best friend Aya was sitting in a nice teashop, sipping a cup of green tea, then she wanted to see my notebook, by curiousity. She pointed on of my drawing, that, look, this is almost the same hat, what have you bought! Wow, she was right, and I took it as a sign. I need to remake this dress. So, fast counting, what I needed, and let's get find the perfect fabric.

The FAMOUS hat from Várhegyi Éva Hat Saloon

Originally, the dress was dark purple cutted velvet with an Edwardian floral pattern (impossible to find) with a dark purple and dark green tartan. I felt a little bit too old those colours to my age, and I had some leftover black velvet from one of my Sisi dress.I really like the mixture of black and red, so I decided to make a little modify.
I wanted some Victorian... on the bottom, you can see the thistle. It was made with beads and feathers
I wasn't really huge fan of Edwardian Era, I tried to redesign the dress for something Victorian, but inside of me, something doesn't let it. I almost feel the Lady, who wanted to keep the plan as accurate as it possible. So, finally, I stuck the original design, and that is the result :)

In reality...

...and how they made
I could only make silly selfies in my room:

with stash

...or without it. Both looks really nice. I feel too formal with stash.
 I hope, there will be some event to wear this dress, and make a nice photos :)
I hope, in my dream, the Lady is statisfies with the result. I wish, I know her name, so I could name this dress after her, but until, I will call my new creation as  Lady Thistle gown :)

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  1. I passed the test, but then what could I expect... I'm obviously obsessed. OMG this outfit ROCKS! It's so awesome! How incredible is that you dreamt of it? Super cool! Love everything about it! The hat, the silhouette and those crazy plaid pieces!

  2. You are not alone <3 :) :)
    I don't know how these things possible, maybe when I watch and learn too much about dresses, and they poisoning my mind :D
    Thank you so much, I'm so happy that you like it! I can't wait to find an event and wear it :)