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How to save within 1 hour a f*cked up gown?

Oh yes, sometimes shit just happens, as I learnt while I live in the UK, but, my Mom always says to me, everything has a solution. So let it see, what we can do, if we have some problems.

Sorry for swearing, but that was the first word in my mind. What da fuck happened with my gown?

Maybe you remember of my black velvet Sisi gown, I just tried it in few days ago, because I lost weight, and I wanted to see, how much I will need take from the sides... and I was shocked what else happened since I didn't wear. Shoulders were deformated, because the hanger was lost its shape under the weight of a 7 metres velvet.
I stored definitley in a wrong way, never use plastic hanger again!
Look, I can hold the extra fabric!
Oh, you nasty-nasty hanger

So, how I saved it?

First, I put on the dummy, to see, how much I will need to adjust on the shoulders. Unfortunatley, I had to put a dart in the middle of the back, because it was streched as well. It's not accurate, but, I didn't want throw away a whole dress, because of this. (...and it's one of my favourites!)

You can see on the first pic, right side, how big is the stretch.
So, I need to open the collar, and pin the new seamimng lines, like on the picture

So here we are. Now I just need to redo again, cut the unwanted parts of the fabric. Don't be surprised, if the collar won't fits for the new neckline. Just take the extra fabric from the back of the collar, and sew back as it was original.

After the alteration, I tried to hold the fabric, but, hihi, I couldn't! Now it is fitting to me again :)))

So, it wasn't as hard as I expected, so never be scared, if you see something is ruined. Keep the mantra, everything has a solution!

+ Bonus:

Straw bonnet from 1883 with lace lappets, clearly seen how its made
If you still have a spare time, I show, how I did a lace lappets, and this will be completely accurate :) I love lappets, but it's sooo hard to get them as an original pieces, and well, they are quite expensive. I had a great bargain many years ago with a beautiful leftover lace per metre, and I used a few on my Sisi gown. I wasn't statisfied with my first version, what actually was some lace around the collar and a jabot. I did a proper lace lappet, and I love it so much!

All you need to do, just fold the lace opposite way, and sew it, and at the ends, just gather it, until it got this lovely shape.

...make a nice bow from it, or wear as a hat decoration, up to you! :)

The original Worth evening gown, what I mentioned before

Look, look, same lace as I have :) I feel so happy, to owe something similar what is on an extant Worth design. I would like to imagine that mine is a leftover from his hand :)))

So, that's all for, today, I hope I could help to you :)
And, never make the same mistake again, I will use a wood hanger what I cover with fabric.

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