2015. január 2., péntek

The House of Worth - Portait of an archive

I bought this book nearly a year ago, I just didn't had camera to make good quality pictures from it. It's recollecting all old photographs and designs which is in the V&A Museum, so the book isn't as colourful as our hungry costumer eyes wish, but it's still full with eyecandies.
In the book mainly you will find Edwardian and Titanic style dresses, details and close-ups. I'm so happy, that now, I can share with you my favourites:
Watercolour designs above evening dresses, under wedding and evening wear, from 1863

Lightweight wool and velvet, fox collar, from 1912-3 winter.

Truly Endlish design :D A dress with showering rain motif. 1902, ball gowns

I couldn't choose from these 2 dresses. I love the white one's skirt idea. Both are ball dresses from 1889.

Wedding dress, 1948, I can imagine on Lady Gaga, so cool

Several designs from the Titanic Era

Would you like to see more? ;)

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  1. Boldog új évet! Naná, hogy szeretnénk többet látni belőle! :)

  2. Neked is :)))) Akkor mindenképpen fotózok még :)