2015. február 17., kedd

"Everyday" Sisi hairstyle for short or long haired Ladys

I was owing to you with this tutorial for a very long time, so just please, accept my apologise for a delay. I hope you will find it useful still :)

Be Sisi within half an hour!

I made this hairstyle based on her "everyday" style. Most of the photos, she wore this type of hairdo, and I prefer to make, when I'm in daywear. Very easy, and iconic hairdo, let see how we can reproduce:

I will use my old ready extensions on my own hair. It looks awful on my red hair, but it will be good for you to see, where I hide my extensions.


1. We need to make the braided extensions. It's more easy to do, than you think! We will need 3 package of high quality kanekalon hair (mine was dark brown and was 1,2 metres long)
2 of them going to be used for the backpiece, 1 will be used on the front.

Braidmaking tuto:

Simply braid tuto
...or if you prefer video, watch from 2:33, that's what you will need here.

2. Now, we can make the backpiece:

You will need metal yarn, you can get it from a beads shop. It's a very thin metal, and this will be the thread, what will keep the braids in shape. I used a copper colour one, but maybe better to buy black or brown one. I only have this silver colour now, I used for display. Just start to swirl braid, and hold it with bobby pins, until that we will sew it together.

...like a snail :)

When you sew together, be careful of the shape. Try to make it more oval, rather than circle.

Ready pieces.


This is how my hair looks now :) I'm lucky with the wavy hair, but here doesn't really matters that your hair is straight or wavy. If your hair is very strong and stubborn, better to soften it with curling iron.
Step 1.

Divide your hair in the middle
Step 2.

Leave to mop of hair, and jus make a small bun with the rest of your hair. That will be the basement later for the backpiece.
Step 3.

Place the long braid around your head, and try to hide the ends in the back of the braid. It gives a nice support in the front. Use bobby pins to keep it on the right place.

This is how it should look, when you finished.

Step 4.

Twist the rest of your hair, and hide the ends under the braid. I prefer to do now, becaue the braid gives support to my own hair, and the silhouette of the front looks much more Sisi-style. I think on the pictures, done in the opposite way.
Done :)

 Step 5.

Take the backpiece and place to the little bun. Use a LOADS of bobbypin to secure. Start with the top, and go around both sides. It will helds almost in every situation :)


From the side, you can clearly see how I cheated. If I would have brown hair, nobody would tell that it's not mine :)

If you put tiara, it can be a nice coronation hairdo as well :)))

So let see some old pics, how it worked for me. (No worried, I won't throw away these pieces, I have a brown wig, so I will use wig for this style :) )