2015. március 31., kedd

Wedding dresses exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum

I was kinda last minuter at this exhibition, but definitley worth to go. All dresses were wonderful, I could adore a loads of iconic "I want this" dresses, and was also fantastic to see them in real life, not just on my computer. Unfortunetly, wasn't allowed to make pictures, but I had to brake this rule. So, here are my few pics of the exhibition, and I also bought the book, and I would like to share more from it.

On the left was an AMAZING Worth wedding dress, unfortunatley, it cannot seen, but it was decorated with small harebells, wich were made as a three dimension. Even they had little stamens from beads.

This cotton day dress was used as a wedding gown by Sarah Maria Wright. Probably it wasn't the most beautiful piece of the exhibition, but I think one of the most interesting. This is the earliest wedding dress at V&A's collection. Working class ladies often chose a smart day dress, tried to be fashionable at their wedding day, and after still can use for a Sunday best dress. This gown is made in 1841, but it still looks much closer to the mid thirties. The reason can be, that fashion plates were in delay to the working class people.

...but if you had money, you could wore the finest silk and lace.

I'm sure that everybody knows this Norma Hartnell dress... In real life is even more beautiful, it looks like a fairytale gown! Margaret Wigham was a lucky lady to wear it on her big day!
Not my photo, but yes, it was even more stunning in real life!

This is my personal favourite from the modern section. A black wedding dress from Lacroix, the golden details and a plushy flowers made this dress so stunning.

I think this gown was one of the firsties what I saved on my computer many years ago. I was happy to saw it in real life.

Pictures from the book:

If you couldn't go to the exhibition, I really recommend to buy this book, there are a loads of coloured pictures almost from all dresses.

This one reminds me to Georgina's wed dress in a The Duchess. Quite simply for an 18th century dress, but still very beautiful. 1775-80, British
Such a lovely countryside style dress from 1780. Jane Bailey chose a very fashionable fabric and robe á la polonaise. Matching shoes and hat are still in a very good condition, althought they looked very fraigle.

Such a stunning detail from Mary Elizabeth Williams dress from 1823
Eliza Larken's wedding outfit from 1828. Sleeves and pelisse are detachable, so she could wore as an evening dress later.

Too old for white -  sounds crazy from a 35 aged lady's mouth, but, in her time Harriett Joyce was really late with her marriage. I felt this gown very special, because, she made for herself.  She also altered after the wedding on her gown, so she could wore it again, even separatly.

This dress was designed by Charles James, one of his early works. He wanted to emphasise the grace of female body. There are no fastenings in this gown, Baba just needed to slip over the head. All darts and bias cutting made this beautiful shape for her. I found very unique, that the train was devided onto 2 pieces, instead of one long, classic one.

Baba Beaton an Alec Hambro, 1934. Baba chose a Medieval style wedding, her brother, Cecil Beaton designed this headpiece. Inspired by nuns hoods from the medieval times.
I think all Costumer heard in her life at least once, are you wearing your sofa/curtain etc.? So, here we are, in 1941, when Ella Dolling had to chose a lightweight upholstery fabric to her wedding dresses. I think, she chose a very nice fabric!
In these times,ladies didn't have so much choices. Many of them collected the fallen parachutes fabric (it was made from silk) or use their fabric tickets to get something nice and affordable.

Ella Dolling and her husband, 1941, London

An also very touching picture from a bride, who is leaving her bombed house for her wedding.
London, 5 November 1940

1938 Monica Maurice must looked very extravagant in her red wed dress. She was the first member of the Association of Mning Electrical Engineers. As an independent and unconventional lady, she wore her favourite color at her big day.

Pamela Talmey Colin, who was the former editor of American Vouge, wore this simply but elegant dress, when she got married with Lord Harlech, in London,  on 11 December 1969. The dress was designed by Jean Murir, clean, and simply design, and a lovely detail at the front with a bold Celtic scroll work.

I just grab one of my favourites from this exhibition, anyway, all dress would be deserved to shown here. I loved the fact, that all of them had a special story behind them.
If you could chose, wich kind of dress you would wear at your wedding day?

2015. március 7., szombat

"Avarge" Sunday fun!

Actually, it wasn't my idea.
If it would depend on me, probably I couldn't write this post.

As a working woman, especially in my area, is really hard to find a day, when, you aren't tired. I had my holidays at last week, and Moniee's enthuiasm about costuming was boosting me up again. She made her outfit basicly within one week, so I didn't want to make her sad with my attitude of hiding away from people. I don't need to tell you, that I didn't regret at all! It felt like streching my asleeped arms and feeling alive again!

We planned to go seeing the Wedding dresses exhibition, but unfortunatly, we arrived just 15 minutes of closing, so they didn't sell us ticket. We tried to shoot some pictures, so this is what I would like to share with you now :)

I regret my laziness (again :D ) to not make an underskirt, so I have a new challenge now :D I was very happy to wear my new corset, what was unexpectedly comfy, and enjoy my Thistle gown.

So, thank you Moniee, that you grab me out of my comfort zone :)
Getting ready! Must have selfie :)

First London Tube picture!!
Since we started costuming, became a habit to make pics on the public transport. So funny, that we get "less" attention in London, rather than Budapest, but people were still very courious, and we were kids and tourists magnet :D

Moniee in her Victorian riding habit

Despite, this picture is blurry, I really love it, it reminds me of my dream

Going home, when we got a handsome photobomb :D