2015. március 7., szombat

"Avarge" Sunday fun!

Actually, it wasn't my idea.
If it would depend on me, probably I couldn't write this post.

As a working woman, especially in my area, is really hard to find a day, when, you aren't tired. I had my holidays at last week, and Moniee's enthuiasm about costuming was boosting me up again. She made her outfit basicly within one week, so I didn't want to make her sad with my attitude of hiding away from people. I don't need to tell you, that I didn't regret at all! It felt like streching my asleeped arms and feeling alive again!

We planned to go seeing the Wedding dresses exhibition, but unfortunatly, we arrived just 15 minutes of closing, so they didn't sell us ticket. We tried to shoot some pictures, so this is what I would like to share with you now :)

I regret my laziness (again :D ) to not make an underskirt, so I have a new challenge now :D I was very happy to wear my new corset, what was unexpectedly comfy, and enjoy my Thistle gown.

So, thank you Moniee, that you grab me out of my comfort zone :)
Getting ready! Must have selfie :)

First London Tube picture!!
Since we started costuming, became a habit to make pics on the public transport. So funny, that we get "less" attention in London, rather than Budapest, but people were still very courious, and we were kids and tourists magnet :D

Moniee in her Victorian riding habit

Despite, this picture is blurry, I really love it, it reminds me of my dream

Going home, when we got a handsome photobomb :D

4 megjegyzés:

  1. Oh my! I love your plaid dress! It looks so wonderful with the black of the bodice and overskirt! Moniee's riding habit is very lovely as well! What a fun day! I loved the image of you two on the train! What fun!

  2. That plaid dress is to die for. It's amazing.

  3. Ez a ruha még mindig káprázatos, és gondolom, hogy egy ilyen kiruccanás feledteti a fáradtságodat! :)

  4. Thank you Gina and Tracey! :)))

    Köszönöm Ikrek :) Igen jó volt, de még bele kell rázódni a témába nagyon elszoktam, hogy bámulnak :D