2015. május 28., csütörtök

Weekend in Bath part 1. - The Ball

I don't even remember when I had so much fun like in the last weekend with my friends. First of all, I want to say a massive huge thank you to Izabella, who was the organiser of the Prior Attire Victorian Ball. :)

Whole weekend in one pic :D

But, don't rush so far :)

Choosing dresses was easier rather than pack them! It was so funny that we were going for a night and I have a huge luggage what is looks like I'm off for 2 weeks :)

Yes, that's my package :D

I went with my friend Moniee, she found such a fantastic accomodation, and the same day, we went to see Anett, and started to get ready for the ball.
So what was in that bag... Princess mood on
Bath is a beautiful city, I felt that I could live here with these dresses :) Many parts reminded me for Budapest, what is just made me felt this city closer.

I really enjoyed the whole ball, everyone was so friendly, I think the fingerfood was a great idea, in corsets we can't manage a whole big dinner, and was no excuse to skip dancing :)

Thank you for our musicians, they were amazing!
Alexis Bennett, Georgia Browne and Katie De La Matter

We also had live music, what I found fantastic! Overall I really enjoyed everthing, I hope Izabella will make one more ball, for sure I will be there! :)

Izabella Pitcher, the owner of Prior Attire, and organiser of this wonderful ball. A big BIG thank you for her!

Three Graces!

With MonieeArt
Let's dance!
Snapshoths from the Ball, such a beautiful place to dance!

My friend, Anett, owner of Sapphire Alternative decided to make a dark version of Sisi's star dress. I think she looks so stunning!

Show legs!!!! :)
Sisi inspired MonieeArt as well, she made a dress between the white and black, I loved her outfit!
My fav pic of this dress. This natural movement reminds me one of her coronation portrait.

Dreams come true, I wanted to owe this since I was 14.

Day and Night Sisi

I think the most fantastic was the waltz with Lucas, Izabella's lovely husband. Meantime, I got rid of my shoes they were so unconfortable. Here is a video of the dance. I felt like a little girl at Christmas time :)