2015. július 13., hétfő

Weekend at Bath part 2.

I've just realised, I totally forgot about to write the second part! So sorry for it, I had to work sooo much in the last few weeks and after was my holiday. When I came back to London, have a sigh, and start to organise myself I realised this post is still missing. So here we are, it's still good to remember of that weekend :)

On the second day, we went out for a sightseeing, in Historical dresses of course!

Dreaming Scottish Lady, haha that's me :D Meantime I found this lovely brooch on ebay to complete this outfit.

Anett (Sapphire Alternative) looks awesome in this day dress :)

I loved Izabella's (Prior Attire) outfit!

Real Time Traveller Tourist :)

We must to take an I WAS HERE picture :)

Gossiping with Moniee :)