2015. augusztus 18., kedd

10 problem, what ALL costumer know

1. You don't fit anywhere.

I fits I sits
Car is even worst. Forget it.
(I love this video from American Duchess )

2. Try to reach anything what is not close to you. Everything feels 1000 kilometers far away.

...and if you have true friends, they gonna make pictures rather to help to you :D

3. You are feeling too hot or cold. Never ever felt the perfect temperature.
It was 35 degrees.


4. You don't have space in your wardrobe because of your Historical gowns.
You still have NOTHING to wear neither to festivals, neither to anywhere at all.

5. Find the perfect fabric what you like, authentic and not from polyester. Costs of your monthly salary. Three times.

6. You know how hard to choose between to look faboulusly laced body and food. You can never win this battle. 

Oh FOOD you are so beautiful

7. Work one and half years on a dress, trash it within one and half hours. But, still worth it.

All of us knows, trains are useless, but, what can I do, they look so fab.

8. You don't go out. You don't do alcohol and drugs. No one understands, why you don't have money after second day of payday.

Give me ALL

9. You have a room for those fabrics, what you goint to use soon...and you still can't stop yourself of buying more. 

10. Try to explain the difference of Historical costuming and fancy dresses. Finally you give up, and let these pople believe that you do kinda Disney Princess cosplay. :D

So, what did you say?

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