2015. november 1., vasárnap

My first Halloween!!!

I know it's sounds strange, but since I've moved to England, I couldn't manage to going out.( I had to work all bank holidays and weekends, but I changed my job, and I have more freetime, hooray!) Anett organised a fantastic party, it was the best time to dress up as Santa Muerte. I know, it's quite classic, but that has been my dream costume since I came here.

I'm still struggeling with time management, I really want to finish my Worth dress before I start any other kind of project, so I couldn't design a new dress for this event. I wore my mournig gown of Sisi, and I made a special headpiece.

The reused gown

Little bit more about Santa Muerte:

She is praised in Mexico, but she isn't accepted by the church, because she is an idol, and it's forbidden to whorship. She impersonates of Death, but people can turn for her help healing, and ask for help of safe journey to the other world.

Her colourful, ornated dress symbolises of profane caducity, whislt her skeleton body shows of glossed reality.

In Mexico she is te last sanctity for poor people, and many of her admirers are from kartels and offenders.

If you interested to read more about Santa Muerte, just click here.

My main inspiraton

I have quite simply reason why I choose such a questinable saint as my costume: I like her look. :) Sorry, that is the truth :)

...aaand the costume!

We tried to make some funny pictures, but actually it become quite scary :D

I choose you :D

We can't skip some selfie with Moniee :D Even Death is blind without glasses :D I enjoyed so much Anett's party, thank you to invite us < 3

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