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Peek inside my Worth gown

I had to say, I loved to work on this project, it was very different in everything: colour choices, era, and the best part of all: pattern and cutting. Maybe you start to get use for the fact, that all my dress has a little story, there is no exeption with Worth's Oriental tea gown. (... or shall I rename as, "not enough fabric, damn it" dress? :) )

My interpretion of Worth's design more information of the original fashion plate here.

This problem haunted all the time, while I was working. The reason is, because this fabric wasn't mine. Many years ago, a customer left at me with another finished gown, so I hadn't start to use this fabric, until I could manage to reach her. (I took it as my payment for that work) After 3 years, I decided to use it for my own project, it perfectly fitted as a stunning Worth tea gown, what I saw at my friend's Facebook page. Meanwhile, I was buying fabrics for the caftan, but I was sort of money, so I could afford only limited amount of it. A year later, was a massive sale in my favourite shop, and I just bought a lovely mint silk for nothing, and later I realised, it matched perfectly for this dress.

I saw it at Automaton Aliza's site

I think, I never spent so much time with cutting, but was very hard to manage to have every pieces in general, not even to pay attention for such a details like pattern-matching at the seaming line. In the end, I still had to let-in 1 metre exta fabric in the back, and 2 small gussets at both sides.
Back panel, cartridge pleats - I took the inspiration for an another Worth gown to insert a different fabric

Gussets - Above my original 1890's dress solution if you are short of fabric

Construction pictures, details:

Pattern, what I used, and the reference picture

I love this purple fabric. I used every little piece of it, it was a leftover from another project. I used as a lining in the sleeves, collar, and inside hemming

The lace is tea-dyed :)

Also an accurate solution to keep the shape of this era. With these strips you can adjust the back to have the perfect silhouette

Snaps and fasteners - and an antique lace collar :)

Double sleeves - I did a little pad to give a shape for the sleeves, but I still felt them so flat. I decided to use some extra tulle. Accurate or not? I'm not pretty sure, but it definitley works.

Boning, and of course, date and signature :)

More information of the whole project is here.

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