2016. június 20., hétfő

Victorian Ball in Bath, 2016

I was prepared all over a year for this event, I really wanted something Sisi and something Hungarian in the same time, so that's how my choice became Sisi's first Hungarian dress. She received her first Hungarian court dress from her mother-in-law, Archduchess Sophie. Originally it was a pale pink skirt with a black velvet bodice with lace. This gown was one of the wedding gift from Sophie, and Sisi wore it, when she met first time with the Hungarian delegation. Even her mother-in-law admired Sisi, as she mentioned in her diary.

Sisi by an Unknown Artist, 1857

I choose a golden embroidered cranberry silk for the skirt and dark green velvet for the bodice after an Unknow painter's portrait. Originally it was a pale pink skirt, but later on the painter preferred to change it to red, so it seemed that she wore the colours of Hungary. As an emigrant, I liked the idea, I felt closer my home with same colours of our flag, so I decided to make a reproduction from this painting.

My choice of fabrics, I think that was the most costy dress so far I did, but it worth to save all penny
The ready gown
I told the idea of my friends, how about to wear Hungarian court dress on the ball, they agreed so again, we dresses up in similar style. I truly loved Moniee's dress, it reminded me of a famous dress of Countess Majláth, and Nóri was just simply faboulus in her by accidently same colours of mine gown. Moniee did many years ago for a celebration of 1848's Revolutionary Memory Day.
Three Graces, Moniee on the left and Nóri in the middle
The ball was spent in a very familiar atmosphere, Izabela was a great organizer, just like usual, I can truly recommend to come for the next one in 2017, tickets are available already. The theme will be late bustle.

I couldn't take apart in all dance, I struggled with some personal life issues, so I don't have as much of pictures as it would show all the glory of this event, but I really would like to leave a footstep in my blog about this event it truly deserves. I hope you will enjoy this few pics as well. 

Still fun how the modern world meets with a sentimental past :)

Some gossips going on the court! :)

Moniee did a stunning job again!

Countess Majláth's court gown, when I saw Moniee's work, this dress came in my head first.

Despite that I don't smile n this picture, Lucas captured my real mood in general. I like real pictures of real feelings, even if it's not full of joy. We can't smile all the time, and have to accept hard times and learn to live and still enjoy life. That's how I felt in this moment.